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Drip Avenue 902 is honoured to collaborate with Mi'kmaq artist Shianne Gould and Magit's family to create an image that helps capture Magit Poulette's (Sylliboy) story and legacy.


The residential school system, Indian day school, and the 60's scoop were genocidal and inhumane systems in our recent history that were made to eliminate the beautiful and unique identities, rich culture, and cherished way of life of the indigenous peoples and families of this land, which has caused deep ongoing intergenerational traumatic effects and conditions nationwide.


Magit was just age four when she arrived at the Shubenacatie Residential School. After arriving her name was replaced with her assigned number, Fifty-Four. Her baby doll was the only item she brought with her from and that too was taken away.. 


Her assigned duty was cleaning all the baseboards of the school, and using ripped up pieces of the old rags and small wooden sticks, she'd fashioned her own doll.  A seemingly small but significant act of resilience and defiance reflects the innocence and strength of every child that was forcefully taken into the residential school system.


Each purchase of a shirt is contributing support to Mawita'mk, a Mi'kmaq registered charitable society that promotes volunteerism within First Nation communities and celebrates the gifts of aboriginal people with disabilities and our youth. Striving to see that they receive services and support withing their cultural communities.  

Mawita'mk Society is licensed by the Province of Nova Scotia's Department of Community Services under the Homes for Special Care Act to operate a Group Home in accordance with the Act and its regulations.



Drip Avenue 902 was founded in 2021. I created this brand to share my story and let others know they are not alone. I faced many mental health, and addiction issues throughout my teenage years into my early twenties. These times brought me to my lowest point, and I had no choice but to surrender. At first, I was making tie-dye shirts, and selling them around my reserve. Then during the cold winter months, I still wanted to continue on this entrepreneurial journey, and that's how I created Drip Avenue 902. It is more than just a brand, it represents something beautiful that can come out of a dark place. 


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Thanks to our wonderful supporters we've managed to help the development of the QE2 foundation's E-Mental Health service. A 24-hour access text service helps people who are struggling with mild to moderate mental illness. 

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