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Drip Avenue 902 was created by Tyra Paul, an Indigenous female entrepreneur born in Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia. Tyra felt compelled to share her story and create a brand that people can relate to. Since the pandemic it's been hard to keep on top of our mental health, but together we can make a real positive impact. Our mission is to share great quality, Canadian-made garments that are comfortable and stylish, all while trying to raise funds for various mental health/addiction services for Pictou Landing First Nation.


I struggled with addiction since I was 13 years old. I never thought I would be someone who had to dig myself out of a dark vortex filled with subtance abuse, and self-loathing. After I graduated high school, it was no longer just alcohol and cannabis that consumed me, it was more dangerous substances. After years of battling addiction, I lost touch with reality, and started showing signs of mania. That's when I was diagnosed with  bi-polar 2 disorder. After 5 years I had a spiritual awakening and realized if I continued down this road I would end up losing my life. I had already lost so much, and I wasn't ready to die. Recovery is never a straight line. There will be set backs and obstacles, but if you want to turn your life is possible to recover. I'm living proof that people can come out on the other side. This is why I created Drip Avenue 902. With your support we can help raise awareness, end the stigma, and start the conversation.



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Spiritual Healing;

It’s so important for us humans to tap into something we believe in. As an indigenous woman, it felt right for me to join the red road. For those of you who are unfimiliar with this term, it's choosing the path of sobriety. I’ve learned about my culture and how it can benefit me in the healing process. Smudging is one of the methods that ground me, and cleanse any negative energy while blessing my well being at the same time…it has been around for hundreds of years. It connects us with our spirit and our Creator.

Finding ways to heal is key, and by figuring out your identity things become more clear. We all have a purpose in this world, and mine is to make an impact on people’s lives for the better. Attending pow wows, and re-connecting with my culture has grounded me in many ways. I couldn’t be any more proud to be Mi’kmaq. I feel a sense of relief when I’m around my people. I love learning more of the language, and I hope by the time I’m an elder I can pass down the language to my children. Netukulimk (Think 7 generations ahead)

Counseling & Therapy:

I also learned that counselling helps my anxiety and stress.I have been with my counselor for 4 years, and over that time she’s seen me at my worst and thankfully at my best. I think it’s important to invest in your mental health. The demand is pretty high right now for therapists. If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis and you’re in Nova Scotia, the quickest way to calm the situation is to call the mental health crisis line at: 1-888-429-8167.

If it’s not an emergency and you would just like to inquire about receiving help for your mental health or addiction you can call the intake line at: 1-855-922-1122. 


Thanks to our wonderful supporters we've managed to raise $500 to go towards the development of the QE2 foundation's E-Mental Health service. A 24/hour access text service helping people who are struggling with mild to moderate mental illness.

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